Time traveller

  For years have gone and will go by, but we will always keep remembering the past, Tasting the bitterness and the sweetness it has given. Secretly wanting everything back but always going forward making more memories to live by.                               … Continue reading Time traveller


Me over you

In a world made of diversions and distractions, a world filled with broken promises and concocted love. Where fairy tales are just one night stands, where beauty is defined with unmatchable standards. Where words just fly, like the meaningless souls. Where love is decided with just a swipe. Where the peace is smoked. Why I… Continue reading Me over you

Just as bright as the dark

The mornings are beautiful, so cheerful with rainbows and sunshine. But every ray of light brings with it a shadow of darkness, and every smile brings with it a tear in my eye. Every word I want to say out loud would just be a lump in my throat. There were constant screams, uncontrollable pain… Continue reading Just as bright as the dark


Go out, travel. Why? Because the world is too big and you are small. Go out, because you might find your home, amidst the forests of nowhere and the streets of Manhattan.  You might bump into your soul mate. Go out, because you’re not strong enough just because you dealt with one heart break. Go… Continue reading GO OUT !

The turtle walk

Once in a blue moon, once the world of technology and fashion gets too main stream. Once the vibrations on your phone gets your mind itchy.  Walk along the coastline, along the beaches of the marina. As the warm wet sand sticks on to your bare feet, it’s the end of March, tiny trails of… Continue reading The turtle walk